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MGT100 - Management & Organizational Behavior (Frkal, Fall 2016): Citing/Writing

Why Cite?

Who knows everything? Probably no one!  Writing an academic paper relies on reading prior works created by other authors.

Acknowledge that an idea is not your own, and give the credit to the person who originally wrote/thought it.

Citation Guides

Document Social Media

Here is a great graphic from TeachBytes blog:

Rao, Aditi. “How To Cite Social Media: MLA & APA Formats” Teachbytes, 9 April 2013. Web. 31 March, 2014

How about citing Discussion Threads from Blackboard?

APA, 6th edition, 7.11.74

Mooney, B. (2014, June 8). RE: Traditional knowledge and traditional cultural expressions [Online forum comment]. Retrieved from (SP2014-SOC-121-04-Principles of Sociology).

  • Use the author's full name
  • Provide exact date of the posting
  • Do not italicize the thread name
  • Include the "retrieved from" part of the URL, and the name of the listing where the thread can be found, if it is not part of URL.

Citing Sources

What can you cite?


At left are links to some online guides that will show you HOW:


I love the citation tool: Cite Source (Developed by Trinity College in Hartford, CT, developed through a CTW Mellon Grant for Information Literacy).

Select your citation style, and get a step-by-step .pdf of how to do your citation depending on the type of source you are using.